No Spilled Seed - Swallow
A husband's seed is his semen, released for love of his wife, is sacred and so must not be spilled.

    "The subject may be distasteful to some of you ladies, but many religious give you women a dilemma; "He needs to ejaculate in me but I don't always want it to be in my vagina?"

A man must ejaculate three times per week to have a healthy prostate and a sweet frame of mind.

But if you are not actively trying to become pregnant, where is his ejaculated semen to go?"

    Semen going into your vagina maybe causing you worry and stress.

    Semen may go into your anus but many people frown while this is done.

    Semen may be ejaculated onto your breasts, belly, bum, back or you face.

    Semen that is ejaculated by your husband must not be "spilled." It must not be "wasted" outside of your body.

    Semen that is swallowed by you makes your body healthier and prevents the sin of "spilled seed."

    In the Old Testament there are several references warning that there should be "no spilled seed."

Some contain dire warnings about the seriousness of the sin.

Men being what they are, will have to ejaculate three times a week.

You need to be prepared to care for your husband's semen. You may need to keep yourself from becoming pregnant and to keep his seed from being spilled.

His semen was created to be ejaculated from his penis while it is inside you, either in your vagina or in your mouth.

His semen must not be discarded. Your body must take it all in. His semen must not be spilled.

    If you are not actively trying to get pregnant your husband knows he should not orgasm while his penis is inside our vagina.

But when a man is so excited and lustful during intercourse with you, he is forced to choose.

He must decide between enjoying ejaculating inside your vagina or not enjoying sinning by spilling his seed.

You must be the one to keep your head. You must remind him to avoid sin, to avoid pregnancy; he must pull his penis out of your vagina before he orgasms he quickly put it in your mouth to ejaculate.

He must do his part and ejaculation into your mouth. You must do yours and swallow all the semen.

    You must encourage semen to come out by squeezing his penis with your lips and tongue.

Move your mouth deeper on it then back up so it almost comes out, then back deeply on it again, over and over.

You must keep it in your mouth until he is done ejaculating and he penis becomes soft and small again, sucking out his seed to the last.


    Men want this very much but are ashamed to ask for it.

    To respect you he needs to know that you swallow his semen because you are so happy to have found the way to avoid such a sin as spilled seed.

    You should use the time after he pulls his penis out of your vagian and is ejaculating in your mouth, to rub your vagina's clitoris, so you too have an orgasm too.

    Your orgasm shows that you are honestly satisfied with this climax, in your soul as well as your body.

    Also confirm that you think women should do this for only their husbands.

    This does not violate the rules of keeping your mouth clean. Semen makes his children in his wife so it can not be unclean to his wife, it is created to be ejaculated into her. Also his wife asks him to ejaculate in her mouth. Also, to her, the penis of her husband can not be unclean.

    Semen is after all only released by your husband because of love for you.

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- by Art Of BJ